“This website was established while I was a Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly. As the Assembly has been dissolved there are no Members of the Assembly until after the election on 2 March 2017.”

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RT @uuponline: Latest waiting times illustrate how ineffectual recent Stormont Health Ministers actually were - @RoyBeggs https://t.co/ptpQ… @over2sandra 5 0
A taster of the Cookstown 100 ... It's all happening in @_MarkGlasgow 's country tomorrow!! Enjoy the day 💯👀😄… https://t.co/U7Ub5Ma79h @over2sandra 2 1
RT @_MarkGlasgow: This evenings racing is over until the big day tomorrow at the Cookstown 100. Enjoying a bite to eat in the Braeside. @over2sandra 1 0
RT @AndyAllen88: Another great evening out delivering my constituency leaflet across East Belfast tonight. https://t.co/Rzamfg3p1O @over2sandra 17 0
@AndyAllen88 @uuponline Great leaflet Andy, good for you! @over2sandra 0 1
RT @Mandymo4: It's pay day! The 1 day u might be able 2 give a spare quid 2 my @CancerFocusNI Strictly challenge https://t.co/I0so2SJayK #… @over2sandra 8 0
@WillLeitch Only weird ppl like us will understand what you're saying after only reading it once!! It's a sad state… https://t.co/VqGQHrg2qa @over2sandra 0 0
RT @SJAMcBride: The inquiry will be based at Waterfront Plaza; hearings at Stormont Senate Chamber where remodelling work has been ongoing… @over2sandra 1 0
RT @SJAMcBride: Referring to Máirtín Ó Muilleoir's pledge to give RHI inquiry complete independence, Sir Patrick says he accepts it & "I wi… @over2sandra 4 0
RT @SteveAikenUUP: .As last acting Chair of @NIAEconomy I believe it is vital that there is disclosure of ALL RHI evidence to Inquiry @uup… @over2sandra 3 0
RT @DrawingOffices: Birds eye view from @TitanicBelfast taken six months apart! The fourth floor is almost finished and the three pavilions… @over2sandra 17 0
@_LindsayMillar Saw this and thought of us ...... oh please NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 😂 https://t.co/BsMc3ougDu @over2sandra 0 1
@TheJungle_NI @radiostephen Well, that is possibly the difference between Bobby and you... 😝 I was gonna do it with… https://t.co/eGHZtiNaOd @over2sandra 0 0
@radiostephen @TheJungle_NI TBH the whole thing's looks amazing! A fantastic local event, an innovative local busin… https://t.co/hVVsUgqMWm @over2sandra 0 1
RT @UlsterRugby: WATCH | @andrew_trimble looks ahead to taking on @ospreys on Saturday as the boys target a @PRO12rugby play-off place #SUF… @over2sandra 4 0
RT @TheJungle_NI: The Giant Slide obstacle is complete. Sure to be a favourite for many... #rampage #jungleni https://t.co/Rg2s0FnyVs https… @over2sandra 6 0
RT @News_Letter: I regret any death says @BeattieDoug but when the SAS stopped IRA gang at Loughgall,many innocent lives were saved
@over2sandra 22 0
@_LindsayMillar Good luck with your next task for the evening! 🤗 @over2sandra 0 1
RT @MUnionist: @DENISEJOHNSTO10 @over2sandra Remember that time the govt carried the motion on university fees by 4 votes? Then Sinn Fein c… @over2sandra 1 0
RT @DENISEJOHNSTO10: I swear you could not make this up!! Yes she tweeted this 🙄And yes Martina Westminster is important decisions like WEL… @over2sandra 71 0
We have won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise | CunninghamCovers.co.uk
Delighted to hear this news from local firm, Cunningham Covers Congratulations! @cunninghamCover win Queen's Award for Enterprise #maghera
We have won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Find out more about what this means for us in our latest blog post. ...
Comments Winston McClean Great to see local company being recognised. Congratulations.Pearl Hughes You have really done well gordon Sandra Overend 4 MidUlster MLA
Sandra Overend 4 MidUlster MLA
So here it is, that Snap Election...are you registered to vote should the proposed Westminster Election go ahead on 8th June?

If you are interested in getting involved in an election in any way, please get in touch.
At this ...
Comments Mark Catherwood Look Sandra you'll be standing for a brave while before beating SF in Mid Ulster and I'm a unionist not ... Sandra Overend 4 MidUlster MLA
Ulster Unionist Party
Statement from Ulster Unionist Party Leader Robin Swann MLA

Following the announcement of a General Election for 8th June, Ulster Unionist Leader Robin Swann MLA said:

“This election will be about strengthening the hand of the United Kingdom in forthcoming ...
Sandra Overend 4 MidUlster MLA
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As a newly elected Party Officer at yesterday's AGM, I join the team to do anything and everything that I can to direct the future of our great Party. I agree with Robin's comments that our finest asset in Northern ... Comments Sandra Overend 4 MidUlster MLA Just to clarify to all my friends not involved in the UUP, this is not a 'job', it's a voluntary ...Mary Hogg Wonderful Sandra, so deserving, may you have Gods wisdom in the days ahead in this new post. No better person ...Alexander Redpath Congratulations Sandra. I'm looking forward to working with you! Sandra Overend 4 MidUlster MLA
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"So let’s get out there and start talking our country up. Don`t let others put it down. Let’s stand up for the freedoms, tolerance and respect which the United Kingdom is well known for throughout the world.

Ours is a ...
Comments Denise Gordon Think we need to start with getting people registered to vote Sandra Overend 4 MidUlster MLA
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"This Party did not take the leap it did almost 20 years ago to see parties continue in a cycle of never ending negotiations.

These were supposed to be the years of peace and reconciliation, yet we are stuck in ...
Sandra Overend 4 MidUlster MLA
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"For Northern Ireland to succeed and prosper we need a strong centre ground & a strong centre politic, and I want the Ulster Unionist Party not just to be part of that but to be integral to it.

And we ...
Sandra Overend 4 MidUlster MLA
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Super proud that my friend, Robin Swann is our new Party Leader.

"as an Ulster Unionist I don’t believe that describes our style of politics, nor is it my style of politics, our party politic is summed up in our ...
Sandra Overend 4 MidUlster MLA
Ulster Unionist Party
Our new Leader of Ulster Unionism, Robin Swann.
The new Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, Robin Swann
Sandra Overend 4 MidUlster MLA shared Ulster Unionist Party's video.
Sandra Overend 4 MidUlster MLA
Cancer support charity Charis celebrates its 7th anniversary
Great news from Charis Cancer Care (recipients of funds raised at my Mid Ulster Carols at Stormont event) - plans for expansion! Support if you can please!
Sandra Overend 4 MidUlster MLA shared Charis Cancer Care Ltd's post.
Sandra Overend 4 MidUlster MLA

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