“This website was established while I was a Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly. As the Assembly has been dissolved there are no Members of the Assembly until after the election on 2 March 2017.”

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RT @TommyBowe14: I’ve spent most of my career in Belfast,
At first George said I wasn’t very fast,
I eventually found my gears,
Had some in…
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RT @DavidTayloruup: Barry McElduff’s resignation as MP is a welcome development. His actions caused great hurt to the Kingsmills families a… @over2sandra 13 0
RT @AndyAllen88: I am humbled and honoured to have been nominated and subsequently shortlisted as a finalist for the ‘Soldiering... https:/… @over2sandra 12 0
RT @uuponline: What Barry McElduff has done is expose the Sinn Fein campaign based on rights, equality and respect for what it is - a sham… @over2sandra 53 0
RT @RealCFrampton: I don't normally comment on politics and I don't care of your political view but what Barry McElduff did was disgraceful… @over2sandra 926 0
RT @gordonadair: Kingsmills survivor Alan Black says he believes Barry McElduff’s actions were “designed to cause maximum hurt”. https://t.… @over2sandra 175 0
RT @DavidTayloruup: It is unacceptable that the Sinn Fein Leadership has remained silent on Barry McElduff’s post mocking the Kingsmills Ma… @over2sandra 26 0
Demand for Barry McElduff to resign after his disrespectful Kingsmill Ma... https://t.co/G2fB037zFc via @UKChange @over2sandra 27 37
RT @johnmooreni: This young man came from a decent hardworking family who continue to endure his loss to this day. Murdered by cowards. htt… @over2sandra 23 0
Disgusting not only by Sinn Fein’s Barry McElduff‘s vile video insult but also his so-called apology. No-one really… https://t.co/G5Xzxk2V7a @over2sandra 37 96
RT @DavidTayloruup: Barry McElduff is beyond contempt, posing with a loaf of Kingsmills bread on his head on the 42nd anniversary weekend o… @over2sandra 65 0
RT @uuponline: Sinn Fein MP Barry McElduff unfit to be a public representative.Where is the respect shown to the families of the victims of… @over2sandra 72 0
RT @jamieoliver: Protect our children @Jeremy_Hunt and put age restrictions on the sale of energy drinks to under 16s. #NotForChildren @over2sandra 1519 0
@RodneyMcCain All good thanks! Settling into the outside world alright, still involved in politics too! Sending u a dm @over2sandra 0 0
RT @ParentingNI: Only a few weeks until the Parenting Your Teen programme starts in Maghera! Parents, come along with support on improving… @over2sandra 15 0
@RodneyMcCain Thanks Rodney. I hope you’re well! What took you to Arkansas? @over2sandra 0 0
You’ve heard me talk about China often .... https://t.co/ID1VD53X5q @over2sandra 0 6
A remarkable girl, great determination! More power to you Jennifer! https://t.co/GzI5WRDpeT @over2sandra 0 0
Sandra Overend, Former MLA for MidUlster shared Ulster Unionist Party's video.
Today's the day, get out and vote... #VoteUUP
Have you received your Polling card?
Sandra Overend, Former MLA for MidUlster shared their post.
Attention!! Your Polling Card should have reached you by now, so if you haven't got one, then you are unlikely to be on the Electoral Register - Call The Electoral Office to ask why - 02890446600. There's still time to ...
Sandra Overend, Former MLA for MidUlster shared a link.
It's important that you use your vote on Thursday, 8th June, and Vote Ulster Unionist for a stronger, better Union.
Remember there's still time to Register to Vote or to apply for an an Absent Vote if you're not at ...
Register to Vote! Get on the Electoral Register at local events in Tamlaghtmore O'Crilly and Culnady areas. I'm helping to publicise these events. Please share!
Please note Registration Clinics near you!! Make sure you have your say - ensure you can vote on 8th June! Call in and get on The Register
Sandra Overend, Former MLA for MidUlster shared Ulster Unionist Mid Ulster Councillors's post.
Delighted to hear this news from local firm, Cunningham Covers Congratulations! @cunninghamCover win Queen's Award for Enterprise #maghera
So here it is, that Snap Election...are you registered to vote should the proposed Westminster Election go ahead on 8th June?

If you are interested in getting involved in an election in any way, please get in touch.
Sandra Overend, ...

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