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This is Sandra Overend

As Ulster Unionist MLA for Mid-Ulster I want to contribute to a better living environment for raising a family, for building your business and helping our Northern Ireland economy to grow and prosper.

In today’s fragile economic climate, it’s time for the NI Assembly at Stormont to get down to some real business, to strive forward with confidence in who we are and where we’ve come from, taking decisive action to bring to flourish positive solutions for the benefit of all.

As a married, mother of three children, I want exactly the same as any other young mum in Northern Ireland: to be able to bring up my children in a good environment with access to good education and health service, and to have the opportunity to earn a decent living.

As a Unionist in Northern Ireland I believe that the future of Northern Ireland is safe within the United Kingdom; a place where we can live peacefully with our neighbours, be proud of who we are, and celebrate our cultures without threat. I want confidence to return to unionists in Northern Ireland so that politics can be more about the desire for a growing economy, a better education system, a successful NHS and improved roads infrastructure.



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